Of course, we can most likely create any type of video you can dream up, but typically these are the kinds of videos people want for their businesses and a basic idea of cost.

About Us/Company Profile

Typically 2-3 minutes in length, this video explains what your business/company does, why it’s unique and cool and features video of your company, company activity, customer interactions, etc. as well as interviews with a company spokesperson.

Usually incorporates music and some light graphics.

Estimated cost $3k-$5k.

Customer/Client Testimonials

Typically 30 seconds to 1 minute in length, this is a simple video featuring one or your very happy and satisfied customers or clients talking about what a great experience they had with your company or business.

This is what we call a “talking head” video because it features a person talking (duh) and no other video.

Estimated cost $1500 for 3 testimonials & $250 per additional testimonial.

Docu-style Package

Typically this type of video is a little longer – about 3-6 minutes.  This is a more complex video which, as the name implies, is kinda like a documentary.

The docu-style video involves more complex storytelling and may incorporate multiple interviews, script writing, narration by a voice or on-camera talent, graphics and music.

This type of video also requires more producer involvement and more edit time.

Estimated cost $5k-$10k

And, of course, any other fun, cool, awesome video concept you can dream up!


To begin the process, just fill out our project form or give us a call.

Once you do, a company representative will contact you to schedule a phone interview in order to better understand your company and goals for the project.


Next, we’ll give you a proposal, so you’ll know exactly how much your new amazing videos will cost.

Once you give your approval, the fun begins.  A producer will be assigned to your project who will guide the process from start to finish.  We will create a schedule around your availability and will communicate with you so you will always know what to expect and what will be happening, every step of the way.

Once we agree on a date and time, a production crew will come to your place of business to shoot video of you, your employees, customers and work space and conduct interviews.  Shooting usually takes from half a day to two days to complete.

When we have all the video necessary, we then get to work on editing. Our editors are super talented, and will work their magic to turn the hours of video into short, entertaining, engaging, polished video products.  Once the first pass or “rough cut” of the edit is complete, we will send it to you for your approval. If you don’t love it, (but we bet you will) we will be happy to make tweaks and changes to get your video exactly how you want it.